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I approach wellbeing from a holistic and consciousness perspective. It is not possible to fully address emotional wellbeing without having an awareness of the whole being and addressing the physical body, environmental influences, energy in and around the body and also the ‘head stuff’.

While our mind can influence our state of wellbeing, healing ultimately comes from the heart. We have an innate ability to find balance and harmony but we often override this due to our fears and conditioned beliefs about how we or things around us ‘should’ be or are. Furthermore, the state of the physical body is intricately linked to our emotions, with stored experiences and emotions resulting in physical symptoms. Addressing emotions can heal the body. We also have an innate ability to be guided from the gut as to how to find harmony in life but too much stress, poor lifestyle and diet, and living in the head means too many of us have lost this connection to the heart, gut and, ultimately, ourselves.

We all ‘know by heart’ and ‘have a gut sense/feeling’ how to find that harmony in body and mind but many people need to be guided to achieve this.

We all ‘know by heart’ and ‘have a gut sense/feeling’ how to find that harmony in body and mind but many people need to be guided to achieve this. I use my experience of mindfulness practices and as a Psychologist, BodyTalk practitioner and Hypnotherapist to assist my clients to experience this integrated well-being. I focus on living from the heart and being authentic and present, for this is where joy and harmony are found. When we renew that connection to self we are able to live conscious lives –instead of reacting to life we can create the kind of life we want. We can choose how we wish to be with life.

Love Your Life.


Psychotherapy enables you to explore the reasons behind experiences in the context of a healthy and safe therapeutic relationship with an objective therapist.

I work with individuals in person or via distance healing sessions and also offer distance sessions for groups with a focus on a particular agenda such as fertility issues or commitment fears.

Hypnotherapy can help you to explore unconscious conflicts, fears and experiences more deeply by bypassing the conscious defenses that can limit ‘talking therapy’.

BWRT can be effective in the treatment of trauma/PTSD, phobias, grief, anxiety, depression, and addictions (including alcohol, cigarettes, sexual addictions, fetishes and eating disorders).

"Your body hears everything your mind says."
- Naomi Judd -

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